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Tichnun Nof - Our Mission
We, at "Tichnun Nof", believe that landscape architecture
is founded on three elements: humanity, place and culture.

Humanity - The first garden was created for man "and the lord
planted a garden eastward in Eden. And there he put the man
whom he had formed
" (Genesis, 2:8).
Our role is to answer to his aspiration of breathing fresh air, of envisioning exhilarating images, of smelling the scent of bloom,
and of feeling free in the wide open spaces.

Place - Is a mosaic of stone, land, water, flora and fauna.
The amalgamation of ingredients and their images form the
uniqueness of the place ("Genios Loci").
We operate principally in the land of Israel, which acts as an
example of the wealth and complexity of the natural environment.
The uniqueness of the Israeli landscape and its inherent variety
obligate us to deep and professional treatment while maintaining
a multi-disciplinary dialog with the local inhabitants.

Culture - Aesthetic values vary from culture to culture
and from one era to the next. The culture of leisure
and the importance of public spaces to a democratic
society continuously evolve. Urgent changes in the cultural
backdrop and a diverse human society are a reflection
of the Israeli ideological foundation of our era.
Creation in the landscape as a cultural expression obligates us
to a maximum degree of observation and sensitivity.

We regard our creation to be in the delicate meeting point between conservation and development, between man and nature,
between an ecological environment to a civil structure.
We work with a great feeling of responsibility towards the wealth
and complexity of the Israeli landscape.